Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bionic Six Intro & Theme Song

Song Lyrics:
We are a family, I fight for them, And they fight for me.
As close as we can be, High in the mountain, Or deep in the sea.
Bionic...Bionic 6, oooouuu, oooouuu,
We are together, We fight for right.
Bionic...Bionic 6, oooouuu, oooouuu,
We are so proud to be, A super future family.

A family, brought together by fate,
And given superpowers,
Through the miracle of modern science

Bionic...Bionic 6, oooouuu, oooouuu
We are together, We fight for right.
A super future family, And we're so very proud to be Bionic 6!

Family Profile:
Bionic-1/Jack Bennett-Father > Enhanced senses
Mother-1/Helen Bennett-Mother > ESP, Telepathy & Holograms
Sport-1/Eric Bennett-Son > Magnetic Powers
Rock-1/Meg Bennett-Daughter > Super speed, Sonic Blasts
Karate-1/Bunjiro Bennett-Adopted Chinese son > Agility & Combat
IQ/J.D. Bennett-Adopted African American son > Strength & intelligence* *natural


rahman said...

Oh my God, you actually put up the Bionic Six theme song, lyrics and family profile???
That's so cooool!!!

I loved the bionic six, watched them when I was a little kid.
Never thought anyone'd ever do a blog on them.
Rock on!!

Danilo said...

Superb!...this was one of the greates cartoons I´ve ever seen...I was a fan of I.Q. because of his superstrenght and intelligence...that´s how I am in my family, the strongest and the smartest.

Regards!, this is a great blog dude!

Homer said...

Man! I used to love this cartoon. I remember being devastated when this show was cancelled.

I loved Benji and Sports1!!!

that was one COOL cartoon from back in the day!

Love your blog mate!

nabeel mahmood said...

Thanks for uploading

tooshy said...

OK so this website has all of the episodes of the show if you want to relive your childhood they all so have a lot of other 80s cartoons you just have to know the name and look for them.