Sunday, February 24, 2008

30 Minutes of Random 80's Cartoon Openings

There are many more passionate cartoon fans out there and it clearly shows in their efforts of making nostalgic videos like this one to share with everyone.

This video's close to 30min long and will take a while to load completely.

I noted down the list of cartoons featured and here they are as follows in this order:

He-Man & the Masters of the Universe
She-Ra Princess of Power
Inpector Gadget (I didn't watch this)
GhostBusters (I didn't watch this version)
The Real GhostBusters
Heathcliff & Marwaduke (I didn't watch this)
Heathcliff (I love the theme song & the screen shots, especially the typewriter part!)
Gilligan's Planet (I didn't watch this)
Voltron (5 lions version)
Mighty Orbots (I didn't watch this)
Danger Mouse (I only watched a bit of this)
Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
The Littles (I didn't watch this)
Pac-Man (I didn't watch this)
Captain N the Game Master (I didn't watch this)
Super Mario Brothers Super Show (I didn't watch this)
The Legend of Zelda (I didn't watch this)
Thundarr the Babarian (I didn't watch this)
G.I.Joe (I only watched a bit of this)
Transformers I & II (I only watched a bit of these, not a robots fan)
Challenge of the Gobots (I didn't watch this)
Beetlejuice (I didn't watch this)
Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Charlie Brown Show
Dungeons and Dragons (I didn't watch this)
Blackstar (I didn't watch this)

There were definitely many more 80's cartoons that I used to watch and are not featured here. I think not all the above cartoons were shown in Singapore back then.

Overall, many of the 80's cartoons had very catchy theme songs which are still well remembered by their fans today. I'll always remember the tunes of The Real Ghostbusters, Heathcliff, DuckTales, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, plus endless more. The songs have become classics in the minds of children of the 80's like me.

These children of the 80's then become the target markets of the DVD re-releases of the 80's cartoons, and they gladly buy the DVDs for nostalgic reasons. For me, I already own the DVD volumes of JEM & She-Ra!

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