Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wildfire Intro & Theme Song

Song lyrics:
Once upon a dream I think I lived inside a fairy tale.
When someone great was lost, when some dark void was crossed,
And I was tossed in my sleep.

And did I see a magic horse called Wildfire, or was just a dream?
Wildfire, Wildfire!

Deep within my mind, so tell what I find or what I might become,
If I could go where the dreams come from,
If I could go when the dreams would run wild,

Wildfire, Wildfire!

Cool, I’m so happy to finally locate a YouTube video of this great 80’s cartoon, “Wildfire”. In Singapore, it was only shown on Malaysian TV3 which was not available to every Singaporean household. However I was lucky enough to have that channel during my childhood and I caught this cartoon while it was showing back then. It was also one of the earliest times I was exposed to the theme of “death” in a cartoon.

I loved horses since I was a child but as I got older, I found the My Little Pony cartoons too geared towards a younger audience to really enjoy them. Then “Wildfire” came along and I enjoyed it. Too bad it only lasted one season. It was only years later that I found this “Wildfire” website where I got to refresh my memory of this magical horse cartoon.

From my hazy memory without referring to online research, this is what I recall about “Wildfire”:

“There was magical kingdom called Darshan in another dimension where the horses were very colorful and they could talk. Darshan was ruled by a queen who was cursed by her evil step/half sister (who wanted the throne) soon after the former married.

One year later after the queen gave birth to a princess, she died from the curse. Before she passed on, the queen instructed her trusted steed, Wildfire to take the baby princess to her father on earth. Apparently the father didn’t remember his past either (due to some circumstances) but he adopted and raised the baby princess till she was about 10 years old.

Then one day, Wildfire appeared to the young princess from the magic portal in the sky and told her about her identity. From then on whenever Darshan was in trouble stirred up by the princess’ evil aunt, Wildfire would indicate his intention to come and fetch the princess from earth whenever her horse amulet glowed. Together with their allies in Darshan, Wildfire and the princess would defeat her evil aunt and her minions over and over again in every episode…”

Here’s the most detailed website I can find so far that is dedicated to “Wildfire”. I think this is a cartoon series that appeals mostly to viewers who love horses and things magical.

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