Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Last Unicorn Intro and Theme Song

This cartoon movie's a classic! I enjoyed watching it as a kid. Around 10 years ago at the start of the internet era, my friend sent me this song and it stirred up our memories of this childhood cartoon. We also found the lyrics back then and I've kept it till now.

Then when I got the DVD a few years ago and re-watched the movie, I found the pace a bit slow for the children today, who are used to computer games speed. However, "The Last Unicorn" will always have a place in the hearts of its many fans around the world, many of whom I believe are the children of the 80's.

Observe how the illustrators blend in the lovely unicorn and the introduction scenes into a tapestry background, simply a fine work of art! The cartoon illustration style back then was very much different from those of today. I think few viewers would appreciate it, unless of course you're a fan.

Song Lyrics:

When the last eagle flies
Over the last crumbling mountain.
And the last lion roars
At the last dusty fountain.
In the shadow of the forest,
Though she may be old and worn,
They will stare unbelieving,
At the Last Unicorn.

When the first breath of winter,
Through the flowers is icing.
And you look to the north,
And the pale moon is rising.
And it seems like all is dying,
And would leave the world to mourn,
In the distance hear the laughter,
Of the Last Unicorn!

I’m alive, I’m alive!

When the last moon is cast
Over the last star of morning,
And the future has passed
without even a last desperate warning.
Then look into the sky where through
The clouds have had their sport,
Look and see her how she sparkles,
It’s the Last Unicorn!

I’m alive, I’m alive!

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