Sunday, April 13, 2008

Voltron Intro (5 lions version)

There were 2 versions of Voltron cartoons that I came across in the 80's. One of it featured Voltron as a mighty robot formed by multiple smaller space vehicles. The other which is more famous, was where Voltron was formed by 5 different colored robot lions!

I definitely preferred the latter and I would turn off the TV if the former was being shown instead (I found the former rather boring, and maybe because I much preferred 'animals').

To think back, I find the plot for both Voltron cartoon series rather 'thin', as in not much depth. It was basically the 'ancestor' cartoon that inspired the rise of the "Power Rangers" TV series since the 90s (till now).

The drivers of the 5 robot lions, based on my memory are as follows:

Black Lion - Keith (leader, wears red uniform, I think he's the love interest of Princess Allura)

Red Lion - Lance (wears blue uniform, can't remember much about him)

Blue Lion - Princess Allura (wears pink uniform, she looks 'weak' and like a typical distressed damsel in her princess outfit, but quickly switches into 'warrior behaviour' when in Voltron uniform)

Yellow Lion - Hunk (wears dark yellow or light orange uniform, large bulky guy)

Green Lion - Pidge (wears green uniform, young little nerdy spectacled guy)

Simple Plot:
Voltron defends the planet Arus, where Princess Allura's kingdom is located.

Every week, the villains: King Zarkon, his son Prince Lotor, and a witch named Haggar (who are all from another planet), would conjure up giant monsters to defeat Voltron and conquer Arus. Of course, every week they fail. Sometimes, Voltron needs '2 weeks' to defeat the more powerful monsters.

I distinctly remember Prince Lotor has a liking for Princess Allura, so half the reason for conquering her planet was to have her as his bride or something like that. Of course she detests him.

Many of the episodes involve Princess Allura getting captured or held hostage by Prince Lotor. Her teammates had to go and rescue her, partly because she's their friend and comrade, and partly because the team needed her to form Voltron.

Intro Script:

From days of long ago,
From unchartered regions
Of the universe,
Comes a legend.
The legend of Voltron:
Defender of the Universe!
A mighty robot,
Loved by good,
Feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew,
Peace settled across the galaxy.
On Planet Earth,
A Galaxy Alliance was formed.
Together with the good planets
Of the solar system,
They maintained peace
Throughout the universe,
Until a new horrible menace
Threatened the galaxy.

Voltron was needed once more.
This is the story
Of a super force of space explorers.
Specially trained,
And sent by the Alliance,
To bring back Voltron:
Defender of the Universe!

Defender of the Universe!

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