Sunday, April 20, 2008

Voltron transformation sequence

I'm happy to find this video on Voltron's transformation sequence that takes place in every episode.

Voltron usually takes on the 'weekly' monsters as 5 separate robot lions first. If that 'fails' (which always happens, if not Voltron won't appear), then the 5 drivers form Voltron to resume the fight.

About the transformation 'speed':
Some comments on YouTube mentioned that before the transformation sequence is over, the monster would have struck. I personally think that the transformation sequence is supposed to be very fast and bright but as viewers, we get to see it in detail.

My Voltron-inspired childhood dream:
As a kid, I loved the idea of driving the lion robots that I imagined the closest I could ever do something similar is to drive a real car. Hence I eagerly looked foward to the day I came of age to drive.

When I finally picked up my driving license many years back, I still remembered my childhood dream of driving a Voltron lion! Even today while behind the driving wheel, I sometimes think about Voltron!

Anyway, here is the memorable transformation sequence once more, enjoy!

Transformation Script:

Ready to form Voltron!
Activate interlock!
Dynotherms connected!
Infracells up!
Mega thrusters are go!


Form feet and legs!
Form arms and body!
And I'll form the head!

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