Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sky Dancers Intro & Theme Song

I watched this cartoon of the 90's and enjoyed it back then. I remember that is has a nice theme song as well. It didn't take me long to find this video on YouTube but it was hell difficult to find the lyrics to the song.

After many Google searches, I gave up and decided to decipher the lyrics myself. However, there are some parts of the song where I couldn't figure out the words.

Finally I got a clue from the tags of the YouTube video and realised that part of the lyrics were actually the names of the Sky Dancer themselves! Too bad there is still one sentence that I still can't make out. I'll leave it for now till I figure it out later (found that out thanks to a reader's comments!).

Song Lyrics:

Way up in the sky, there are creatures that fly
Way up high, sky high!
The Skydancers arrive, the Skydancers arrive!
Jade, Carmille, Angelica,
Slam and Breeze!

When Queen Skyla calls,
They just magically transform
Into savers of the sky!

The Sky Dancers arrive, the Sky Dancers arrive!
Jade, Carmille, Angelica,
Slam and Breeze!
Sky Dancers!


aerospacepark said...

Thanks sa lyrics!

John said...

"When Queen Skyla calls" would be the line you are missing from the lyrics.

Jul said...

Thanks John for filling in the missing words! :D

erpster91 said...

@Jul: The Sky Dancers TV animated series began sometime in late 1996 and ended around middle of 1997. I remember watching some of the episodes on a local FOX channel in Los Angeles, either on Saturday or Sunday mornings.